Engineer creates a design mockup for a tweaked version of Apple’s reinstated battery percentage in the status bar

Along with seeding the fifth developer beta of iOS 16, Apple also welcomed back the battery percentage indicator in the status bar. That’s pretty big news all on its own! But, of course, the “reveal” also brought with it some feedback from folks who, well, might not like how Apple reinstated the feature.

So, the battery percentage indicator is back in the status bar. As long as you have a supported iPhone, that is. If you do, you’ll be able to toggle the feature on and off depending on how you feel about it. If you switch it on, you’ll see numbers present within the battery indicator on the top-right of the screen. Which seems pretty straightforward, even if, interestingly enough, Apple doesn’t actually include a percentage symbol.

Which is probably fine. But, things do get strange when it’s discovered that the battery indicator doesn’t actually change in its own right. So, it looks full even if the battery percentage is at 99%, 50%, or 10%. So, for folks who have gotten used to the fact that their battery indicator actually “loses juice” as the percentage goes down, that will no longer be the case when the battery percentage indicator is switched on.

Some believe that this will make it harder to parse just how much battery is remaining in your iPhone at a glance. And, if that is the case, some folks might not be a fan of that.

In steps in Brian Michel (via The Verge), an engineering manager working at The Browser Company. He’s shared a new idea for the battery percentage indicator within the status bar, showing that Apple could have easily still made the battery indicator itself still change its fill status even as the percentage numbers change.

Check it out in the tweet above.

There’s a lot of attention to detail in this creation, and, honestly, it’s certainly nice to look at. It would not be a surprise at all if some folks thought this was a better implementation. It is interesting that Apple wouldn’t go with a fluid animation like this. They do love their animations.

But, what do you think? Are you going to toggle on battery percentage in the status bar when iOS 16 launches later this year?