Apple is giving away three free months of Apple TV+ to Apple Card holders

Apple Card holders can enjoy three months of Apple TV+ for free as part of a marketing push to promote its new Pixar-quality animated film, titled “Luck.”

Marketing image promoting three free months of Apple TV+ to Apple Card holders as part of the marketing push for the animated film "Luck"
Image: Apple
  • What’s happening? As the new Apple TV+ animated film “Luck” makes its debut, Apple has launched a new promotional effort for Apple Card holders.
  • Why care? If you are an Apple Card holder and new or existing subscriber to the company’s video-streaming service, this is your chance to enjoy three months of Apple TV+ on Apple. Who doesn’t like free? Besides, Apple no longer offers extended Apple TV+ trials like before, making this promotion more valuable.
  • What to do?If you have an Apple Card, check below the Apple Card menu for making payments in your iPhone’s Wallet app. You can also redeem the offer on the Apple Card promotion page.

Apple Card holders, here’s how to get 3 free months of Apple TV+

This promotion is not available to people who aren’t Apple Card customers. To get your there months of Apple TV+ on Apple, all you have to do is redeem the offer in the Wallet app on your iPhone or on the official promotion page on Apple’s website. You have until October 31, 2022, to redeem this limited-time offer.

As an Apple Card user, you can enjoy 3 months free of Apple TV+ through October 31. With Apple TV+, stream the new animated film “Luck,” which tells the story of plucky but unlucky Sam Greenfield and her adventure in the enchanted Land of Luck.

Use this redemption link to get your three months of Apple TV+ for free:

There’s of course some fine print to consider.

The terms of this promotion

For starters, only new and existing Apple TV+ subscribers in the United States are eligible for this deal. If you’re subscribed to an Apple One bundle, you cannot redeem this offer. Only one offer is valid per Apple ID. If you use Family Sharing and one of the members enrolls in this offer, all participants on the account will be enrolled. Read: How to cancel your Apple TV+ subscription

Importantly, after your three free redeemed months end, Apple will start charging your Apple ID payment method $4.99/month for Apple TV+ unless you’re already a paying subscriber. New customers will want to set a reminder at least one day before their free period ends to cancel their Apple TV+ subscription and avoid unwanted charges. But if you do plan on using Apple TV+ after the promotion ends, then obviously don’t cancel your subscription after three free months.

“Luck” takes over Apple’s homepage

Promotional efforts around the release include “Luck” taking over Apple’s homepage in a pretty innovative fashion, with the main characters falling down around the iPads, iPhones and Macs advertised on the homepage. You do need to hit a Play button on the promotional banner to make this happen though.

Apple rarely does such a thorough homepage makeover for Apple TV+ releases. Previously, the company promoted the second season premiere of “Ted Lasso” with a homepage takeover. And each January, the company celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the homepage.

What’s “Luck” all about?

“Luck,” however, is anything but yet another Apple TV+ release. It’s the first animated film for Apple TV+ that features Pixar-like animations. Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs created Pixar Animation Studios and later sold the company to Disney, becoming its largest individual shareholder.

Created by Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation, “Luck” is about the unluckiest person in the world, Sam Greenfield. Our protagonist suddenly finds herself in the never-before-seen Land of Luck, she must unite with the magical creatures there to turn her luck around.” You can stream“Luck” on Apple TV+.