Video: Some of our favorite iPhone apps that we believe everyone needs

Watch this video for a quick overview of six iPhone apps we think everyone should use. These are also some of the best apps for Apple’s platforms.

6 iPhone apps that we think everyone should have

All of the apps that we’ve covered in this hands-on video walkthrough reflect the personal interests of our videographer Michael Billig (@michael_billig). He likes to personalize his devices with custom wallpapers so he’s using Backdrops for that. For healthy eating, wellbeing and water intake tracking, Michael uses LifeSum and WaterMinder. The video also highlights apps for tracking flights, staying organized and editing images. Don’t worry, we don’t mind if you disagree with Michael’s list.

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Backdrops – Wallpapers

Backdrops [App Store link] is a wallpaper app by Christopher Morales that delivers original designs for your lock and home screens. All of the images are 100 percent original work so you won’t find them in any other app. New backdrops are updated daily and you can create your own collections of favorite walls that will be synchronized across devices. A subscription ($4/month) gets rid of ads, unlocks all collections of exclusive backgrounds and buys you access to future pro features.

Lifesum: Healthy Eating

LifeSum [App Store link] is a wellbeing app that provides personalized diets and meal plans along with food and exercise tracking, calorie counter, healthy recipes and much more. With it, you can not only find healthier alternatives to your favorite foods but also learn which foods should be on your plate. A subscription unlocks all of the diets, a library of recipes, the ability to create your own recipes, nutritional information about your foods, detailed food and meal ratings, net carb tracking, body measurement tracking, as well as integration with Withings, FitBit and Runkeeper.

Flighty – Your Flights Tracker

Flighty [App Store link] is a global flight, airport and airline status tracker which claims to deliver the fastest travel delay alerts and delay forecast. Some of its features include 2-way calendar sync, integration with TripIt, email forwarding, pilot-grade data (real flight plans, proximity radar, FAA advisories, warnings, delays and more), smart assistant capabilities and more. A subscription ($6/month) is required to use some of the app’s best features such as push alerts, live inbound plane tracking, FAA delay alerts, delay predictions and more. A free trial is available.

WaterMinder ∙ Water Tracker

WaterMinder [App Store link] wants to be your daily hydration and drink reminder by letting you easily track your water intake. You can see a history of water intake and compare it to your own goals, view your progress via a home screen widget, synchronize your progress with the Health app, use pre-defined cups for quick hydration tracking, create custom drink types (aside from water), cups (size, icon, color and drink type) and water tracker reminders, and much more. The app costs $5 to download and there’s an optional subscription on top of the ($15/year) to unlock the calorie counting feature which uses bar code scanning.

TickTick: To-Do List & Calendar

TickTick [App Store link] is your planner, reminders and habit app, all in one, with cloud sync across devices. It lets you organize, manage and collaborate on tasks, schedule an agenda, make memos, shares shopping lists, develop a new habit and more. It’s free but the most advanced features require a subscription (3$/month or $28/year), including more lists and tasks, a grid view of your calendar, custom smart lists, the ability to upload up to 99 attachments every day, and a few more.


TouchRetouch [App Store link] helps remove unwanted stuff from images with features like object, line and mesh removal, edge-aware object removal and more—with no quality and EXIF data loss. Use ToucRetouch to eliminate wires, power lines and other linear objects or remove objects such as street signs, trash cans and stop lights. You can easily remove background people from your photos and clean up your travel photos. It also works great for removing text from Instagram and Snapchat posts. This is a $4 download without subscriptions, ads and in-app purchases.

What are your favorite iPhone apps?

The App Store offers such a huge selection of software that finding the right apps feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Apple spotlights the biggest apps that generate huge revenues, but there are tons of little gems with no chance of getting featured on the store. That’s where word of mouth can play a crucial role. Everyone has different needs and it’s perfectly OK if you don’t agree with our own app selection. That’s where you jump in—we’d love to hear about your favorites.

Which apps you couldn’t live without? Tell us in the comments!