Samsung’s Unpacked event is on August 10: “When will something greater arrive?”

Galaxy maker Samsung Mobile will be holding its Unpacked event on Wednesday, August 10, which could reveal its upcoming smartwatches and foldable devices.

Closeup of Samsung's Galaxy smartwatch
The next Galaxy Watch may lose its rotating bezel | Image: Somer Khodeir / Unsplash
  • Samsung Mobile has shared three cryptic images on Twitter that seem to confirm the date of its next Unpacked event: August 10, 2022. The images are accompanied by a tagline that asks “When will something greater arrive?
  • Rumors say the event will serve as a launchpad for the next-generation Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip, Samsung’s foldable and flippable smartphones.
  • Also, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as a more durable variant of the device. As we wrote before, Apple is expected to unveil a rugged Apple Watch in September.

What will Samsung unveil at the August 20 Unpacked?

The three images published on Samsung Mobile’s Twitter account form a puzzle that must be solved to reveal the event date. Basically, you must match letters, numbers and symbols on the first image to the colored circles on the second image to reveal a hidden message on the third image: 081022, or August 10, 2022.

Samsung used to announce new Note devices in August. But with the Note brand gone, the company is refocusing the August event around smartwatch and foldables. And if you’re Samsung, it only makes sense to pre-empt Apple’s announcements with your own. As you know, Apple announces new iPhone and Apple Watch models in September. Read: 30+ things to do and know after buying an Apple Watch

Apple fans will probably want to keep tabs on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. Many Android smartwatches leave a lot to be desired, except for the Galaxy Watch which has been a viable competitor to the Apple Watch. More than anything, it demonstrates how to build a robust smartwatch with a functional user interface.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro vs. rugged Apple Watch

And with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Samsung hopes to teach Apple an important lesson in terms of building durable smartwatch hardware. We don’t know whether the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be aimed at extreme sports fans and athletes, but one thing is certain: It will be powered by the Android-powered Wear OS operating system, jointly developed by Google and Samsung.

The rumors have suggested features like a capacitive bezel instead of the current rotating bezel, which has been a fan favorite so it’ll be interesting seeing how that unfolds. The device should sport a hardened 46mm casing and may come in Phantom Black and Silver colors. The rumors also mention a 572mAh battery, almost double that of its predecessor. The AMOLED display should remain circular. Other perks are said to include heart rate monitoring, ECG,  sleep monitoring with REM analysts and multiple sports modes. Apple, of course, will reveal its cards in September when it usually unveils new iPhone and Apple Watch models.