We’ll learn the fate of Apple and NFL Sunday Ticket this fall

A lot of people like watching sporting events from home, especially when it comes to National Football League games. It’s a pretty big deal! Which is why it makes sense why Apple would want to try and lock down the streaming rights to a lot of those games, so it can get even more subscribers to Apple TV+. And it sounds like we’ll finally know whether or not that will become a reality pretty soon.


According to a report from CNBC, citing information shared to the publication by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL will be making a decision regarding the fate of NFL Sunday Ticket sometime this fall. Which certainly lines up with the fact that the service won’t be available via DirecTV, it’s current home, for much longer. DirecTV won’t be renewing its deal beyond the 2022-2023 season.

Goodell says that a streaming service is probably the best possible destination, but won’t commit to just one yet:

I clearly believe we’ll be moving to a streaming service,’ Goodell told CNBC’s Julia Boorstin in an exclusive interview at the Allen & Co. Sun Valley conference in Idaho. ‘I think that’s best for consumers at this stage.

So, which one? It turns out that Apple, Disney, and Amazon have all put in bids at this point. And it sounds like these three services are the primary contenders. Goodell says a final decision will be made this fall, so we don’t have much longer to wait to find out how Apple will come out when the dust settles.

Which is an interesting turn of events, because the last time we heard about all of this drama was in April of this year. At the time, it was reported that Apple had essentially landed the deal and was just waiting to make an announcement. But it sounds like the NFL is still considering its options at this point.

This would be a huge win for Apple, especially in addition to its streaming deal for Major League Baseball games on Friday nights. And we can’t forget that the streaming service also recently acquired the streaming rights for every single Major League Soccer match as well.

What do you think? Would Apple TV+ be a good fit for NFL Sunday Ticket?