AirPods Pro 2 said to feature USB-C, heart rate detection, Find My support, and much more

The AirPods Pro have been around for quite a while now, which means it’s probably the right time for Apple to upgrade them. That could happen this year, based on plenty of rumors swirling around. And while there seems to be conflicting reports regarding what type of port Apple will use with the charging case, a new set of details aims to showcase some worthwhile headphones coming down the pipe.

According to a report from 52Audio, Apple is looking to make some noteworthy changes to its most adept truly wireless headphones. First and foremost, though, it sounds like the company is going to retain the overall design for the second-generation AirPods Pro. There had been rumors Apple would make some changes, but, this report tells us that won’t be the case after all.

You can see what 52Audio expects AirPods Pro 2 to look like, based on the renders they have created using the information they obtained regarding the headphones.

However, while there won’t be any physical changes, that doesn’t mean current AirPods Pro owners won’t find a reason (or reasons) to upgrade when the new headphones eventually do land. That includes the adoption of USB-C for the charging case (which will also support wireless charging).

AirPods Pro 2 area also said to feature an upgraded H1 chip, which may include self-adaptive noise cancelling elements, along with an upgraded SiP packaging. Overall power consumption should be improved in these headphones, and owners should expect better performance.

Heart rate detection has been one of the more frequent rumors regarding AirPods Pro 2, and this report reiterates that the feature will indeed be present. This will detect heart rate from within the ear. And that same feature may make it possible for the upcoming headphones to also feature temperature detection as well. However, temperature detection may not make the final cut for the finalized product, even if the heart rate detection feature is present.

Future owners of AirPods Pro 2 can expect overall better audio quality. Here’s how the original report describes it:

And as for audio performance, 52audio finds that Apple AirPods Pro 2 will follow the acoustic characteristics of AirPods 3, equipped with a combination of customized high-amplitude drive units and high-dynamic-range amplifiers, presenting delicate sound quality.It also supports self-adaptive equalization, spatial audio for dynamic head tracking, audio sharing, and other functions, providing a rich wireless audio experience.

Perhaps one of the more unsurprising new elements for the AirPods Pro 2 is support for the Find My network. This will make them easier to track within the Find My app. And previous rumors have suggested there will be a speaker on the case, too, making it possible to track it down.

And, finally, hearing aid capability:

We also find that the openings on the right side are the microphone for the hearing aid. Sound can be collected through the charging case and transmitted to the earphone for sound enhancement and playback, helping people with hearing loss get the environment sound.The speaker is at the bottom, which can play the sound itself, and works with the “Find My” APP to help users get the location of the charging case more quickly.

So, no new design, but plenty of other potentially worthwhile changes to make the AirPods Pro 2 worth it. However, with nothing officially official just yet, don’t bank on any of these features too hard. It’s possible Apple wants to have all of these features in the second-generation AirPods Pro, but plans can always change.

Still, hopefully we get to see the next AirPods Pro sooner rather than later. Are you looking to upgrade whenever the new headphones are released?