How to get Apple’s official WWDC22 stickers for iMessage and FaceTime

Show your appreciation for WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference! Here’s how to download the official WWDC 2022 stickers for iMessage and FaceTime.

This example Messages screenshots depicts an imagined chat with Apple CEO Tim Cook to let him know he can get the official WWDC 2022 sticker pack for iMessage and FaceTime by downloading the Apple Developer app for iPhone and iPad

WWDC stickers are a thing

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference starts with a June 6 keynote, and you can now download a set of WWDC 2022 stickers to use in iMessage and FaceTime.

Apple began providing WWDC-themed stickers back in 2020, with the pandemic forcing it to move the physical conference to an online format. Since then, Apple has regularly provided a new set of official WWDC stickers every year. 2022 is no exception. Similar to exclusive stickers Apple Watch owners get by completing one of Apple’s fitness challenges, WWDC stickers can be used in Apple’s Messages app and on FaceTime. Read: The 50 best tips for using iMessage on iPhone and iPad

You can send these via iMessage to show your appreciation for WWDC when chatting with your Apple-loving friends. Stickers also work in FaceTime when using built-in filters and effects. Follow along as we show you how to unlock your WWDC 2022 stickers for Messages and FaceTime on your iOS or iPadOS device.

How to use the official WWDC 2022 stickers in Messages

The official WWDC 2022 stickers in the app drawer of the Messages app are showcased in this iPhone screenshot

To get the official WWDC 2022 stickers for iMessage and FaceTime, you need to download the latest version of the Apple Developer app on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download the free Apple Developer app [App Store link] for iOS or iPadOS.
  2. In the Messages app, start a new chat or choose an existing thread.
  3. In the Messages app drawer at the bottom of the app, swipe left to get to the Apple Developer icon, then tap it to open the sticker pack.
  4. Now touch the sticker you’d like to send to the recipient via iMessage.

You may need to launch the Apple Developer app first so that its stickers become available in the Messages app. There are more than a dozen new stickers to choose from, including several Animojis with various facial expressions, the official WWDC 2022 icon, Apple’s WWDC 2022 logo and more. You can even choose an awesome dogcow icon, which is actually a holdover from previous WWDC sticker packs.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use your WWDC 2022 stickers for FaceTime.

How to use WWDC 20222 stickers on FaceTime

To use these stickers on FaceTime, you must first start a video call with someone. While on the call, hit your tile and then touch the “Effects” button. Now hit the “Text” button, swipe up and then touch the “Emoji” button. You can now choose and drag a WWDC sticker (swipe left or up for more options) to add it to the call. You can place the sticker precisely where you want. Prior WWDC stickers have included a “pirate flag”, a “Cancel” button and a “diving red bird” (representing Apple’s programming language Swift). Read: How to use Windows-like app icons on macOS

Show your appreciation for WWDC

The official WWDC 2022 stickers on Apple's Messages app are showcased in this iPhone screenshot

WWDC 2022 kicks off with a keynote on Monday, June 6 at 10am Pacific Time, 1pm Eastern Time. The main keynote will be followed by the Platform State of the Union talk, which is more on the technical side. Apple will release the first developer betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, macOS 13 and watchOS 9 after the keynote officially wraps up. The general public will be able to get their hands on these betas sometime in July. The software updates will release in the fall ahead of new hardware launches.