Colorful, fluid wallpaper pack for Apple devices

Back again today with another set of crispy images for the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery.

Colorfully tasty, these fluid looking wallpapers are original designs using the help of an image creation app. The resulting file is an extremely large wallpaper, perfect for even the highest resolution screens. From rich blues to gradient pinks, these swirling backgrounds are perfect for desktops, Lock Screens, and minimal enough for Home Screens.

Fluid wallpaper for iPhone

An incredibly colorful collection, this fluid-looking wallpaper set will really take advantage of your Apple screen. These are original works by @joeyabanks, who is a systems designer at Twitter, according to his profile. Banks operates Baseline Design LLC, which is a way to provide Figma training to designers of all aptitudes.

Using his eye for design, he created the following wallpaper pack using the Effekt app. What resulted is a collection of downloads that are sized on a near 8K canvas. Consequently, the downloads are large enough for at least that brand new 5K Apple Studio Display you might have picked up.

Additionally, because the images are so large, you will be able to easily set your favorite part of the image on a smaller iPad or iPhone screen.

My favorite of the selected downloads is the second image, which combines the fluid-looking design with a color gradient from a deep red to orange, pink, and violet.

Blue fluid wallpaper for iPhone Download
Fluid wallpaper pink purple gradient for iPhone Download

Pink cotton candy fluid iPhone wallpaper Download
Red yellow green fluid wallpaper for iPhone Download

Fluid wallpaper in jade for iPhone Download

If you love the above, then you can download more variations directly at Banks’ Notion wallpaper site.

Did you know that we post new wallpapers every Sunday? To stay this consistent, we rely on the iDB wallpaper community to help source incredible wallpapers.

If you have a set of incredible images or know where to find a great collection, catch up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the gallery. Follow along for mid-week downloads and sneak peaks of upcoming posts.

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