Eddy Cue is reportedly shifting Apple’s services team to focus more on advertising and streaming

As profitable a company as Apple is, folks in charge can’t rest on their laurels. Changes need to happen; a constant evolution over time. Which is why changes both big and small are always on the horizon, like restructuring a particular team to refocus its attention moving forward.

Which is apparently what Apple’s senior vice president of services, Eddy Cue, is doing according to a report from Business Insider. The publication states that Cue is shifting the services team in an effort to focus more on streaming and advertising from here on out.

That starts with the executives within the services division, and BI has a nice breakdown of what each are being associated with after the slight shift in focus. Cue apparently believes that both advertising and streaming are two areas where there is plenty of revenue growth ahead, which certainly makes sense.

Here are some of the bigger changes the original report notes:

  • Apple’s VP of Services, Peter Stern, is no longer working so hard on advertising. Instead, Stern has been repositioned to focus more on services like Apple Books, Apple Fitness+, Apple One, video, and more.
  • A VP of Advertising, Todd Teresi, has reportedly been answering directly to Cue since the beginning of the year, with a primary focus on advertising. He’s apparently picking up more responsibility in this area as well.

Apple isn’t done trying to stream sports matches, either. Business Insider says Apple is trying to secure the rights to stream some number of National Basketball Association (NBA) games in the near future. And that would be on top of the Major League Baseball (MLB) games it streams via its marquee Friday Night Baseball feature.

And we can’t forget that Apple has reportedly already landed the NFL Sunday Ticket deal to stream some National Football League games in the future.

Refocusing key executives to work on more revenue growth elements of the business certainly makes sense. Especially when it comes to advertising and streaming. Apple’s services continue to grow for Apple, too, of course, which include things like Apple TV+ and Apple Music and more. Simply put, getting more streaming content for Apple will mean good things for the company moving forward, especially if it can secure even more sports content.