iTunes Pass may be rebranded to Apple Balance in the Wallet app with iOS 15.5

Earlier today, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 15.5 to developers. This is probably one of the last major updates for iOS 15 as a whole, with iOS 16 looming on the horizon. And while this update doesn’t appear to add any major new features to the mix, it does look like Apple is going to be making some changes with the new software.

With the beta, the folks over at 9to5Mac were able to dig into the software a bit and make some discoveries. Specifically, with a change that Apple is going to make within the Wallet app. According to the publication, based on internal iOS files, Apple is going to rebrand “iTunes Pass” in the Wallet app to “Apple Balance” with the public launch of iOS 15.5.

iTunes Pass is a tool that can be added to the Wallet app as a quick way to see how much money you’ve added to your Apple ID. The funds available within the iTunes Pass can be used to buy a variety of different products, from apps to games to music, and it can even be used to buy physical products while in an Apple Store (thanks to a QR code).

Checking the balance of your iTunes Pass is easy enough, either by adding the card to the Wallet app or accessing your account via the App Store app.

With the public launch of iOS 15.5, Apple will revamp iTunes Pass as Apple Balance, and the card will be available within the Wallet app just like the Apple Cash card or the Apple Card option, too. This should make seeing the available balance even easier, but, also, make buying things at an Apple Store with those funds even easier. The new Apple Balance card should remove the QR code, and, instead, rely on Apple Pay.

A small change in the grand scheme of things, but, for folks who use iTunes Pass frequently enough it will probably be a welcomed change.