Hulu watch parties are a go thanks to SharePlay support

With SharePlay in Hulu for iOS, iPhone and iPad users can now finally co-watch Hulu movies and shows on FaceTime with shared playback controls and other perks.

Featured image showing the splash screen in the Hulu app on iPhone, set against a green gradient background
  • Hulu for iOS now supports SharePlay, Apple’s feature for shared app experiences. With it, people are able to organize watch parties over FaceTime.
  • With SharePlay enabled, start watching a movie or TV show in the Hulu app for iPhone and iPad while on a FaceTime call and the video will play for all call participants that have the Hulu app installed.
  • Another new feature lets Live TV users flip between channels during playback.

How to start a watch party in Hulu for iOS with SharePlay

Hulu 78.4.3 for iOS brings support for multi-person experiences across Apple’s platforms via SharePlay. Simply start watching something in the app, then hit the “Share” menu and choose the option labeled “SharePlay”. As soon as the video starts playing for everyone, you can use shared playback control to pause/resume the video, scrub it and more. Read: How to share music or videos on FaceTime

SharePlay keeps everyone’s playback position in perfect sync. As with regular FaceTime calls, your SharePlay sessions within FaceTime use end-to-end encryption to protect your privacy. Other parties on the call must also have the Hulu app installed and be subscribed to the service. Hulu subscriptions start at $7/month.

This version also includes a new feature allowing Live TV users to easily flip between channels during playback. Hulu for iOS can be downloaded for free. [App Store link]

How SharePlay works

Apps that support SharePlay enable users to share experiences inside end-to-end encrypted FaceTime calls. SharePlay is built into Apple’s stock apps like TV and Music, as well as third-party apps that have chosen to support the feature. SharePlay keeps the playback position for everyone in perfect sync, with shared playback controls ensuring the playback position stays the same even if someone scrubs the video. SharePlay is supported on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and tvOS 15.

With the Apple TV, you can enjoy a SharePlay session on a big screen.