A list of major apps that support Apple’s SharePlay feature

Check out this list of iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac apps updated with support for SharePlay, a feature that facilitates shared app and media experiences on FaceTime.

Apple's marketing image for SharePlay on iPhone showing shared media playing during FaceTime video call

These major apps support Apple’s SharePlay feature

SharePlay is supported in Apple’s major apps including Music, TV and Fitness+.

The company has already highlighted several major third-party apps that now support SharePlay, including NBA, TikTok, Twitch, Paramount+ and Showtime. And now, we’ve put together the definitive list of all the popular apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV from both Apple and third-party developers. These apps either already feature support for SharePlay or its developers are working on implementing SharePlay in a future update.

Audio streaming

Video streaming

Health and fitness



SharePlay facilitates media sharing via FaceTime, but it can also power shared app experiences in creative ways. This includes Apple, which has leveraged SharePlay to implement synchronized group workouts and meditations on its Fitness+ service.

Creative uses for SharePlay

Major third-party developers are taking advantage of SharePlay as well.

On TikTok, for instance, the For You feed becomes For Us when using SharePlay. The name change not only reflects the user has switched from a solitary experience to a group SharedPlay experience but also actually fills the feed with video recommendations that apply to everyone on the call. In a way, it’s a synced page between all of the devices participating in a SharePlay session that also mixes everyone’s interests.

Spotify is also working on implementing support for the SharePlay features. With it, Spotify fans will be able to organize listening parties via FaceTime as long as they’re subscribers. Read: How to use SharePlay to share music and videos on FaceTime calls

With SharePlay in Night Sky, you can stargaze remotely with your friends on iPhone and iPad in real-time. With the quizz-making app Kahoot!, you can take quizzes with others over FaceTime. Another example is Piano with Friends, which has great use for SharePlay — you can remotely draw on a single canvas with friends on a FaceTime call.

And the Crouton app lets you cook with friends via SharePlay in step-by-step mode.

How can developers add support for SharePlay?

SharePlay comes with a typical Apple touch, as per the Apple Newsroom announcement:

SharePlay sessions offer shared playback controls, so anyone on the FaceTime call can play, pause or jump ahead while enjoying synced media. With dynamic volume controls, audio from the streaming content will automatically lower when a FaceTime participant is speaking, making it easy to continue the conversation with friends despite a loud scene or climactic chorus.


When users prefer to have uninterrupted sound, they can simply tap on the Messages button in the FaceTime controls to jump to a shared thread and keep the conversation going. Each participant in the SharePlay session streams directly from the relevant app on their own device, delivering high-fidelity audio and video. Apple TV supports SharePlay so users can watch shared shows or movies on the big screen while using their personal device to continue connecting with friends over FaceTime.

Apple provides developers with the tools and resources to implement SharePlay in their apps, should they wish to do so, through the Apple Developer website.

SharePlay is currently available on the following devices:

  • iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 15.1 and later
  • iPad with iPadOS 15.1 and later
  • Apple TV with tvOS 15.1 and later.

SharePlay for Mac is launching later in 2021 via an update to macOS Monterey.

If you have an Apple TV, you can watch shared media on the big screen while using FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad. With screen sharing support, you and your friends can browse the web together, look at photos or check out something in a favorite app.