Apple Fitness+ gains postpartum workouts

The new postpartum exercises for Apple Fitness+ subscribers include workouts to strengthen the pelvic floor after the birthing process.

Three device screenshots showcasing postpartum exercises on Apple Fitness+ on iPhone
  • It’s important for both the parent and baby to stay active after giving birth.
  • Apple launches workouts for staying active during the postpartum period.
  • These exercises follow Apple Fitness+ workouts for pregnancy from 2021.

New in Apple Fitness+ workouts: Postpartum exercises

Apple Fitness+ has launched a new set of workouts designed for parents who are in their postpartum period. Titled “Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby,” the new set of postpartum exercises includes strength and core workouts that target the pelvic floor. Of course, it’s important to note that the amount of exercise and the type of workouts suitable for the postpartum period varies from one individual to another.

Jessica Rendall, CNET:

While you should still check in with your health care provider to see what level of activity is safe for you after pregnancy, the Fitness Plus workouts are intended both for people who had a C-section and those who had a vaginal delivery. They’ll also include modifications based on how active you were during your pregnancy, or how mildly or intensely you’d like to start exercising again.

All of the exercises that are available in the new “Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby” workout are ten minutes long in order to suit busy parents. Other perks include mindful cooldowns with stretching, motivational messages about patience and self-care for new parents. Read: 30+ things to do after buying an Apple Watch 

The new set of workouts build on top of the exercises aimed at pregnant people that Apple Fitness+ introduced in 2021, including nearly a dozen workout across Strength, Core and Mindful Cooldown suitable for any stage of pregnancy and any fitness level. Read: How to close your Apple Watch rings by adding data manually