Speak Task, Barcodes, LISN and other apps to check out this weekend

It’s time for another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have a voice-centric task manager, a wallet for your barcodes, and a new kind of podcast client. And as always, we’ve selected a fun game for you to check out.

Speak Task

If you’re tired of having to manually enter in memos, notes and todo lists, Speak Task is here to help. The app was built from the ground up with dictation in mind and it has all of the necessary features like categories, reminders, widgets and iCloud sync.

Download for $2


Ditch your physical access tags and loyalty cards, and just use Barcodes. It’s essentially a wallet app for QR codes, which are somehow back, and barcodes, allowing you to access them in an instant. Add cards via your device’s camera or library, and send them to your Apple Watch for quick use.

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Love this idea for a new kind of podcast client. It’s essentially YouTube shorts, for podcasts. Instead of listening to entire episodes, you can just listen to clips from your favorite shows or on interesting topics. Make your own clips/playlists, or check out the already-curated lists in the app.

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I’ve dismissed the hundreds of Wordle-ripoffs that have flooded the market these last few months, but I kind of dig this math version. It shows you an equation with missing numbers, and you have a limited amount of tries to guess which numbers remedy the problem. I don’t think there are enough math skills games out there.

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