Angry Birds Classic costs 99 cents and doesn’t pester you with ads or endless IAPs

Angry Birds Classic brings the original 2009 game back to the App Store but with a new engine and no ads or in-app purchases whatsoever.

Rovio brings back 2012 with Angry Birds Classic

Honestly, when was the last time you played a quality game that didn’t pester you with ads or you by constantly asking for cash for in-game upgrades?

Angry Birds Classic takes you back to the old days when freemium titles were an unknown concept. A new release on the App Store from Finish developer Rovio, Angry Birds Classic brings back the original game complete with physics-based mechanics and satisfying slingshot gameplay but some added perks.

The game packs all eight original Angry Birds episodes from 2012, that’s more than 390 levels in total. All the original characters are present in Angry Birds Classic—yes, you can even call in the Mighty Eagle (available for free, used to be a paid upgrade) and 3-star all the levels to hunt for the golden eggs, just like in the good old days.

A premium download for the retro price of 99 cents

Angry Birds Classic is based on the first Angry Birds game which Rovio removed from the App Store in 2019 because it was too old to be updated for the latest devices. As we said—and this is great news—the remastered version doesn’t contain any in-game advertising or notorious in-app purchases.

If you’re old enough to remember the Angry Birds craze, you’ll know this was the go-to business model for mobile gaming. There were no freemium downloads back then, only free games and paid ones. So it’s only natural that Angry Birds Classic costs 99 cents to download (the cost of a latte and all that jazz, remember that?). So even if you own the 2012 Angry Birds game, you’ll need to re-purchase this new version.

Remade in the Unity game engine

On top of that, the game engine has been modernized to correspond with today’s standards. According to the announcement on the Rovio website, Angry Birds Classic has been rebuilt using the Unity engine. This lets the game provide a more consistent experience across platforms while retaining the fine detail that made the original Angry Birds game such a smash hit in mobile gaming.

“While we were rebuilding Angry Birds, we took great care to preserve the feeling of the original Angry Birds game,” says Rovio’s Sami Ronkainen. “We know our fans are a discerning bunch and will be able to pick out even small differences. Matching the gameplay, and appearance of the game next to the original was crucial.”

Check out Angry Birds Reloaded on Apple Arcade

Angry Birds Classic is available for the iPhone and iPad for $0.99 [App Store link]

If you’re subscribed to Apple Arcade, you probably won’t need to purchase Angry Birds Classic. As we reported, Rovio recently released Angry Birds Reloaded exclusively on Apple Arcade. Angry Birds Reloaded is also a remastered version of the original Angry Birds game, with some additional content such as a new character, extra levels and so on. Read: How to get notified of new Apple Arcade games