Apple Watch Series 8 could feature major updates to activity tracking, the outdated Series 3 said to be on the way out

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 should bring major new activity-tracking updates but no new health sensors such as a body temperature one. At the same time, the Cupertino technology giant could retire the outdated Apple Watch Series 3 as it’s reportedly readying three distinct new models for 2022.

A closeup photograph of a female athlete's hand wearing an Apple Watch showing the Move, Exercise and Stand rings nearly closed
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  • Apple Watch Series 8 is said to include three distinct models
  • Series 8 should run new chips and bring new tracking features
  • Apple could also discontinue Series 3 when the new model arrives

Three new Apple Watch Series 8 models coming this year

Apple reporter Mark Gurman made those predictions in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter on Bloomberg, alleging the next Apple Watch update will bring a trio of new models sporting faster chips and new activity-tracking features. When the new models launch this fall, Apple may retire the Apple Watch Series 3 as the current entry-level option. Read: How to fix Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo

Gurman claims Apple will release these Apple Watch models in Fall 2022:

  • A new Apple Watch Series 8 model with major improvements to activity tracking
  • A refresh to the current Apple Watch SE model
  • A brand new rugged model designed for extreme sports

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 won’t have a body temperature sensor like previously thought nor “any major new health sensors”. For what it’s worth, Gurman claims that the Apple Watch Series 8 will sport “major updates to activity tracking” along with faster chips, but didn’t elaborate further. Gurman says 2022 could be “the biggest in the history of the Apple Watch” since the original model.

The Apple Watch is on an annual refresh cycle, meaning the company plans to update the main Apple Watch this fall. But what about the low-end Apple Watch SE?

Apple Watch SE is getting an upgrade in 2022

As for the Apple Watch SE, Apple has positioned that model as the best value for money for those looking for an affordable smartwatch. It hasn’t seen any updates following its launch in September 2020 so it’s great that there will be a successor to the Apple Watch SE this year. Gurman didn’t speculate on possible enhancements for the next Apple Watch SE. He did say though that the current Apple Watch Series 3 “may finally be retired,” which isn’t surprising given its outdated hardware.

Say hello to a rugged Apple Watch Explorer

Marketing image showcasing an Apple Watch Series 6 in Spigen's rugged case
An Apple Watch Series 6 in Spigen’s rugged case

Bloomberg said before this new model would be rugged, targeted at extreme sports athletes. It might be called Edition, Explorer, Adventure or some such, according to a March 2011 report from Bloomberg’s Gurman, which was the first time anyone has claimed Apple was developing a watch with a rugged casing that would be specifically aimed at extreme sports fans such as athletes, hikers and more.

As we said in a recent op-ed, it is high time for a rugged Apple Watch. Such a device would widen the addressable market whilst enabling Apple to compete in that segment of the market with rugged offerings from players such as Garmin, Casio and others. Read: The best rugged cases for the Apple Watch Series 6