Netflix’s Fast Laughs feature could come to its Apple TV app

Netflix’s Fast Laughs feature, basically a TikTok-inspired feed of amusing 30-second clips, is now rolling out to compatible TV devices and could also soon launch on the Apple TV streaming box after previously debuting on smartphones.

A screenshot of the Fast Laughs splash screen in the Netflix app for TV sets
Image credit: Netflix
  • Fast Laughs is coming to the Netflix app for smart TVs
  • The feature has been available in the mobile app since 2021
  • Fast Laughs could also be coming to Netflix for Apple TV

Is the Fast Laughs feature available on Netflix for Apple TV?

Netflix’s Apple TV app currently does not support Fast Laughs, but that could change soon if The Verge is anything to go by. Reportedly, the feature is currently being tested in the official Netflix app for smart TVs with some customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

That could change soon if Netflix decides to widen the scope of this test. On top of that, Fast Laughs could also be coming soon to the company’s Apple TV app. A small subset of users currently has access to Fast Laughs in the Netflix app for smart TVs, according to the report. The feature is limited to adult profiles and comes with a content warning before you can watch the stream.

Those who are included in the test can access Fast Laughs in the following way:

You can access Fast Laughs by scrolling down on the Netflix homepage until you reach the Fast Laughs row. From there, you can click into the feature, where full-screen clips from Army of the Dead, Big Mouth, Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up special and more overtake your screen. You can use the arrows on either side of the clip to advance to the next clip or return to the previous one and you’ll also get the option to add a title to your List as well as jump right into the presented show or movie.

Fast Laughs is basically a TikTok-inspired feed of funny videos no longer than thirty seconds each, designed to keep you engaged and motivated to discover additional shows you might like. These short-form comedy clips draw from the full Netflix catalog rather than being limited to original programs only.

Netflix initially launched Fast Laughs in March 2021 in its mobile app for tablets and smartphones following a long period of testing that began in November 2020.