Siri has another new voice for users in the U.S. in iOS 15.4 beta

If you are in the United States and you’re hankering for a new voice for Siri, then you don’t have long to wait before one shows up as an option. With the latest beta of iOS 15.4, Apple is adding another “American” option to the mix. But, as you might guess, it’s only for users in the U.S.

A featured image showing a Siri orb set against a dark background

Earlier today, Apple seeded the latest beta for iOS 15.4. Along with it, the prerelease software has brought with it the fifth American voice for U.S. users. As is par for the course, the voice can be selected from the Settings app, then opening Siri & Search –> Siri Voice. Apple is only adding one new voice to the lineup, it seems.

If you want to hear the voice without installing the latest beta, here’s Steve Moser sharing it with the world:

This is one of the bigger additions to the upcoming iOS 15.4. Along with it, this latest beta also added new anti-stalking features for AirTag users.

Apple is expected to launch iOS 15.4 to the public in the early part of March.