TaskFox, Obscura 3, Cupfeed, and other apps to check out this weekend

Welcome back for another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have an agenda planner, a pro camera app and a hot new RSS reader. And as always, we’ve selected a great game for you to check out.

TaskFox – Agenda Planner

Easily block your day into multiple events with TaskFox. The app covers most of the bases of your favorite task manager/calendar app, along with nice-to-haves like widgets, reminders and colored tags. As you’d expect, some features are hidden behind a subscription plan, but at least you get to try before you pay.

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Obscura 3 – Pro Camera

I don’t usually like featuring super well-known apps or updates on this list, but this one was hard to miss. The popular camera app Obscura had its 3.0 release this week, and it’s full of upgrades like a fresh new design, new camera modes, and an all-new Apple Watch companion app. For those who need pro or pro-like results.

Download for $10

Cupfeed – News & RSS Reader

Cupfeed is a customizable RSS feed reader that works entirely locally, without registration. I know RSS readers aren’t nearly as popular today as they once were, but if you happen to be in the market for one, this has just about everything you could ask for: fully customizable UI, folders, filters, search, and much more.

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Match Poker Online

Hidden amongst the countless Wordle rip-offs was this little gem. It’s a mesh-up between Battle Royale and online poker. Basically instead of playing hands against those you’re seated against, you’re playing against hundreds of other players who are in your same seat—same hole cards, flop, turn, etc.

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