Apple Podcasts app picks up new features like filtering episodes in iOS 15.4

Earlier today, Apple seeded the latest beta of iOS 15.4 to developers. The newest version of the prerelease software didn’t add much to the mix. However, for fans of the Apple Podcasts app, there are a couple of new additions worth mentioning.

Apple Podcasts adds two new features with the update to iOS 15.4. Now, as mentioned above, this is just in its beta testing phase. So while the new features are present now, it’s possible (while not likely) that Apple could axe them before the wide release sometime later this year.

New features. There are two: browsing by season and the ability to filter episodes. The first will allow users to quickly launch any podcast and filter by specific seasons. If that show has more than one season, of course. This will make it easier to dive into the content much easier.

And to that end, we get the ability to filter episodes, too. Apple’s feature will allow users to launch a show available in their library, then filter episodes by a variety of methods, including whether or not the listener has played an episode before or not, whether the episodes are saved, or downloaded.

As for when iOS 15.4 will launch, that remains to be seen. However, it is expected to arrive some time in March. So the wait won’t be too long.