Video: Is this the best hidden feature of the iPhone?

Become a power user! Watch this video walkthrough of what could easily be deemed the best feature of your iPhone and iPad—and it’s seemingly hiding in plain sight.

A still image taken from iDownloadBlog's video about the best hidden iPhone features, with host Harris Craycraft showing a blue iPhone 13 Pro Max in his hand to the camera

Could this be the iPhone’s best hidden feature?

Our resident videographer Harris Craycraft has put together a walkthrough of what we think could be the best hidden feature of the iPhone. We’re of course talking about a sophisticated built-in scanner that uses a bunch of cool tech, like computer vision. With it, you can scan anything from books, receipts, articles and more. Be sure to watch our video walkthrough of the iPhone’s built-in document scanner, embedded ahead.

Speaking of hidden features, did you know that your iPhone has a virtual programmable button that you could program to run functions like taking a screenshot when you tap the Apple logo on the back? If not, we have a full tutorial dedicated to what’s called BackTap.

We should all be power users

We’re fans of Apple so you’d expect us to call the iPhone the best pocket computer out there. As versatile and useful as it is, the iPhone has many tricks up its sleeve that are not immediately obvious to the naked eye. Back in the days of 3D Touch, for example, the vast majority of users were totally oblivious to the fact that you could press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to position the cursors in virtual trackpad mode.

Part of the blame is on Apple itself. The company does a poor job of surfacing such hidden features. Some of the lesser-known features aren’t even mentioned in the official documentation, guides or help files—but iDB is here to help with that.

What’s you favorite hidden iPhone feature?