Gucci launches AirPods Max carrying case that costs $980

When Apple launched the AirPods Max, its over-ear headphones, they were met with some comments about the price tag. Of course, Apple attempts to justify that price point thanks to the construction/materials of the headphones, and the sound quality. And now there’s a case to go along with it, but you’ll need to fork over even more money.

But when it comes with a Gucci brand attached to it, that’s probably something to be expected. Enter the AirPods Max case from the high-end luxury brand. And you’ll be tasked with spending for a high-end luxury brand, too, as the case is priced at $980.

This case is designed specifically for the AirPods Max, which means there are two dedicated pockets to hold each ear cup. The headband is completely exposed, which is a similar design to the Smart Case from Apple (and plenty of other cases). However, this particular case for the headphones actually includes a shoulder strap. So hey, if you fork over $980 at least you’ll get a strap to help carry the headphones around.

Here’s how Gucci describes the case:

Lifestyle objects view the everyday through the Gucci lens. This case for AirPods Max brings vintage and contemporary together through its archive-inspired design elements. Playing with the contrast between past and present, the inside of the accessory is printed with ‘Hodiernum’—a Latin word that means ‘belonging to the present day.’ An adjustable shoulder strap adds a versatile note with multiple ways to wear.

Gucci goes on to say that the case is made from “environmentally friendly materials,” and a dedicated snap button to secure the headphones into the case.

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It shouldn’t be all that surprising that an accessory/product from Gucci is expensive. But at almost $1,000 it’s almost double the price of the headphones themselves. And if you can find the AirPods Max on sale, it might even be just that.

But! The Gucci AirPods Max case is available now to buy.