The best AirPods Max cases you can buy right now

The AirPods Max are a great set of headphones. They have a solid build, outstanding sound quality, and so much more. So of course they are expensive. For that cost, you get all of that — and a pretty flimsy “case,” too. Apple has its reasons for opting for the case that doesn’t do much in the way of protecting the headphones, but, luckily, there are alternatives.

Which is why we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the best options for you to choose from. There are various styles and price points, but if you’re in the market for something else beyond Apple’s first-party, out-of-the-box option, you’ll hopefully find something worth your while below.

So let’s get right into it.

Best cases for AirPods Max in 2021


The primary missing element from Apple’s first-party case for the AirPods Max is full-body protection. Especially for travel. Spigen has an option for folks looking for that specific coverage (as do many of the other companies). In this situation, Spigen’s carrying case/pouch bag is designed to fit with Apple’s Smart Case, which means it supports Sleep Mode.

Inside the case, there’s a dedicated pouch for cable management. And while it might be in a rather unorthodox location, this hard case also features a carrying handle. And the case itself is rigid in design, so the AirPods Max won’t slide around while installed inside.

The Spigen Klasden designed carrying case for AirPods Max is available now.

Buy Spigen carry case for AirPods Max for $29.99


Another travel case, which also supports storing the AirPods Max while the Smart Case is also on the headphones. The case itself is made from a hard EVA exterior, while the inside is soft. There’s even shockproof bubble padding to help keep the headphones protected. ProCase even throws in a pair of silicone covers for the ear cups.

The zipper is solid and sturdy, and a two-design. An internal mesh pocket will help keep your cables in order, with plenty of room to spare. And finally, there’s a durable handle to help carry it all around.

The ProCase option for AirPods Max is available now in black and grey.

Buy ProCase AirPods Max case for $18.99

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Now, for something different. This is not a case, as you can tell from the image above. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO covers are designed to help protect the ear cups for daily use. The covers themselves are made from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, so they are hard shells and will prevent yellowing from setting in over time.

There are precise cutouts for the Digital Crown and noise control button. As well as the Lightning port for wired charging. These are designed to specifically protect the AirPods Max ear cups and that’s it, so there’s no full body protection here.

However, these will fit inside Apple’s Smart Case, if you want to use that. Which means they will also fit inside the other cases listed here. The ear cups are clear, too, so you’ll still be able to show off the color of your headphones.

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid PRO for AirPods Max for $26.99


The AirPods Max Shield Case from Waterfield offers up high-profile design and quality, all in a package that’s easily portable and protective. There are a couple of different options to choose from, including a vegan friendly one. You can choose Magnetic Leather or Nylon (vegan friendly) Butterfly that separates the ear cups to support low power mode.

The case features closed-cell foam on the top and bottom, helping to protect the headphones while they are in the case, and resist compression. The zippers are sturdy and waterproof. The lining is ultra-plush and designed to prevent scratching.

There’s a nylon loop on the top of the case, and there’s an exterior pocket for quick storage. An interior pocket can hold a power brick.

The Waterfield AirPods Max Shield Case is available now from their online store.

Buy Waterfield Shield Case for AirPods Max for $89 – $99

So, a quick roundup of some of the best options out there. If you have any other suggestions, let us know down in the comments!