Pastcuts lets jailbreakers on iOS 13 or 14 use Shortcuts that were made on iOS 15

A common thing that happens to jailbreakers, especially when they’re using iOS or iPadOS 13 or 14, is that they find themselves unable to add shortcuts that have been made in the Shortcuts app on an iOS or iPadOS 15 device.

As it would seem, Apple intentionally avoided backwards compatibility, and this means that jailbreakers could be missing out on some awesome shortcuts all because of a simple technicality.

iOS developer 0xilis has just released a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Pastcuts that helps jailbreakers overcome this pesky obstacle by letting them to use shortcuts on iOS or iPadOS 13 or 14 even if they were originally created on iOS or iPadOS 15.

An important thing to note here is that while most shortcuts created in iOS or iPadOS 15 should work perfectly with iOS or iPadOS 13 or 14, that won’t be the case for all shortcuts, especially those that depend on iOS or iPadOS 15-only features.

The developer warns that this is to be expected when installing unofficially supported shortcuts on to your device, however this shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Those interested in running shortcuts that were created on an iOS or iPadOS 15 device on their jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 13 or 14 device can download the new Pastcuts jailbreak tweak for free from the Havoc repository via their favorite package manager app.

Do you think you’ll be making use of Pastcuts on your pwned handset? Be sure to tell us why or why not in the comments section down below.