Apple Pay will be available in Chile soon

It has been a long while now since Apple first launched its mobile payment option, Apple Pay. And while the service is available in a variety of different markets across the globe, there are still some voids to fill. The good news is that Apple has started out 2022 doing just that. And yet another market is on tap to get access to the service in the near future.

As first noted by Pisapapeles (via 9to5Mac), Apple is now making it official that Apple Pay is going to launch in Chile soon. This follows a tease from earlier this month suggesting the same. But while that initial tease was from a bank in Chile directly, this is a bit more official. As reported in the initial report, Apple has launched an Apple Pay page on its Chilean website. Apple’s official FAQ regarding Apple Pay also mentions that a launch in Chile is coming soon.

Of course, while Apple is telling Chileans that the service is coming soon, the company is not going out of its way to provide an actual, specific date. However, when this sort of tease/announcement has happened in the past, Apple Pay has typically launched pretty soon after. So, for Chileans who have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Apple Pay, it appears the wait is almost over.

As for which banking institutions in the area that will support Apple Pay, that remains to be seen. The original report says that there are several options, though, including Banco Itaú, Banco BCI, Banco de Chile, and others. For what it’s worth, it was Banco de Chile that initially teased the impending launch of Apple Pay, so that seems like a safe bet. Meanwhile, the bank BICE already supports Apple Pay in Costa Rica, so the same institution launching support in a different region makes sense.

One can only hope that Apple has worked out support for Apple Pay with more than one banking establishment in the region.

In related news, it was reported earlier this month that Apple Pay is coming soon to Argentina and Peru as well. Apple Pay officially launched in Armenia earlier this year, making it the first new market in 2022.