PhoneCast, Stretchy, Shortshare, and other apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s episode of our Apps of the Week roundup we have some great picks for you. There’s an app for streaming your iPhone to your Mac, a digital stretching partner, and a handy URL-shortener. And as always, we’ve selected a great new game for you to check out.


Have you ever wanted to stream your iPhone’s display to your Mac without wires? There are a number of apps/accessories that do this, but one simple way is the app PhoneCast. It’s not a new one, but it was just updated and the developer promises 60 FPS lag-free mirroring so you can do things like live draw, play games and screencast into Zoom calls.

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You’ve probably heard that you should get up and stretch throughout the day, and you know it’s really good for you, but you just always forget to do it. I know I do. Stretchy aims to help with that using timers, health tracking and video tutorials. Taking short stretch breaks can reduce soreness, fatigue and discomfort like neck/back pain.

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Shortshare is a simple and fast url shortener app for Mac and iOS. It supports all of the major shortener services and their features, and you can use it as both a Share menu option and a Safari App Extension. Even if you’re not currently shortening your link URLs, who knows, a simple little tool like this might just change your habits.

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Drifty Pool

Here is an interesting game concept: it’s billiards, but instead of using a pool cue to hit the balls, you use cars. Features include multiple game modes, unlockable cars and other achievements, a built-in music player and more. There’s not a lot more to say here except, c’mon, it’s pool with cars!

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