Satechi’s new 165W charger comes with a convenient stand for easy positioning

The tiny new Satechi GaN charger provides up to 165W of power across its four USB-C ports, thanks to automatic power distribution, and has a stand for easy positioning.

A lifestyle image showing a closeup of a 165W Satechi GaN charger on its stand, connected to two iPhones, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro
Image credit: Satechi


  • Satechi’s new charger outputs up to 165W of power across its four USB-C ports
  • With all ports in use, you get a mix of 30W, 45W and 60W charging power
  • The charge is tiny because it uses GaN technology

This tiny Satechi GaN charger outputs 165W of power

The new 165W Satechi GaN charger is significantly tinier than you’d expect, despite getting you four USB-C charging ports certified for the USB Power Delivery protocol.

GaN technology uses gallium nitride, or GaN, which allows chargers to use tightly packed components to achieve high wattage while reducing footprint. Apple’s 140W USB-C charger for the updated 16-inch MacBook Pro, filed as the company’s very first GaN charger, is a good example of this technology.

If you’ve ever held a Satechi product in your hand, then you know what to expect. This charger looks great and will complement your Apple ecosystem nicely. In fact, it looks so good that you’ll want to leave it on your desk instead of hiding it somewhere underneath it. And to help you orient the charger the way you want, Satechi has included a special little touch: an included stand for easy orientation.

There are some caveats to be aware of with this charger.

Power distribution across four USB-C ports

For instance, you can get up to 100W of charging power out of a single USB-C port or up to 165W across all four USB-C ports, when used simultaneously.

So plug more than one device into the charger and it will share the available power across the ports. So for instance, if you plug two 100W devices into the charger’s USB-C port, one will get you 100W but the other USB-C port will decrease from 100W to 65W. This is by design because the total charging power, if all four ports are used simultaneously, shouldn’t exceed 165W.

A lifestyle image showing a top-down view of the 165W Satechi GaN charger connected to two iPhones, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro
Image credit: Satechi

So what happens if you use all four ports to charge, say, your iPhone 13 Pro Max, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro and another tablet or computer? With all four USB-C ports in active use, one port will max out at 60W, and another one at 45W while the remaining two ports will drop to 30W each—165 watts of charging power in total across all four USB-C ports.

So to sum up, the following power configurations are possible:

  • 100W
  • 100W/60W
  • 60W/60W/45W
  • 100W/30W/30W
  • 60W/45W/30W/30W

Satechi’s 165W GaN charger includes CE and ETL certifications so don’t worry about devices overheating or cords getting tangled.

Pricing and availability

The new 165W Satechi GaN charger will start shipping Friday, January 14, and you can order yours at for $119.99. Use the redemption code CES20 at checkout to save 20 percent until January 13.