Apple offers up 10 helpful hints for iPhone owners

The iPhone is a handy tool. It’s powerful, long-lasting (mostly), and it can handle a lot of different tasks. It’s pretty great! And while most iPhone users probably know the ins and outs of their handy smartphone, there might be a few tips and tricks you’re not aware of.

But, mostly, Apple Support’s latest YouTube video showcasing 10 different tips and tricks for the iPhone owner out there is probably for the folks who¬†don’t make it a point to know everything their phone can do. The new video is pretty straightforward, coming in at just over five minutes in length. But in that time, there are several different helpful bits touched on.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Swipe left or right in the Calculator app to delete an input
  2. Pin shared content in Messages
  3. Quickly and easily stack Widgets on the Home Screen
  4. Choose several different photos to add to other apps
  5. Save a bit of time using text replacement while you type
  6. Open the Camera app right from the Lock Screen
  7. Use your iPhone to scan a document
  8. Use the Live Text feature
  9. Quickly jump to the first photo in your library
  10. Search from the Home Screen

Apple isn’t digging too deep here, but there should be plenty of helpful details in there.

What are some of your favorite elements of your iPhone?