Apple offering the chance for some customers to buy AppleCare+ beyond initial sign-up window

AppleCare+ can be a helpful tool. Especially when a bad thing happens and one of our devices gets broken. Or stolen. Apple offers plenty of time for most people to sign up for the tool, but now it’s offering up a bit of an extension for some customers.

Based on an internal memo initially seen by MacRumors, Apple is allowing some customers the ability to sign up for AppleCare+ beyond the initial sign-up window. However, as noted in the report, there are some rules to be eligible. Namely, the customer needs to have had their device(s) repaired at an Apple Store or an Authorized Service Provider once before.

And, in addition to that, the device needs to have been purchased less than one year ago. And, finally, it must pass a physical inspection and diagnostics after repair.

Here’s an example scenario provided by the publication:

A customer named John purchases a new iPhone, but he decides not to pay for AppleCare+ coverage for the device. A few months later, John drops the iPhone and the display is cracked. John takes the iPhone to an Apple Store to be repaired and faces costly out-of-warranty service fees since he decided not to purchase AppleCare+. Since the iPhone is less than one year old, John is advised that he can still purchase AppleCare+ for the device so that any subsequent repairs aren’t as expensive.

As noted in the original report, this new policy is now in place in all Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers where AppleCare+ is available. This is a welcomed change, for sure.

It’s worth noting that Apple is going to introduce another helpful tool in iOS 15.2. With the new software, the company is adding the ability to see a “parts and service history” right on the handset, which will include a breakdown of repaired/replaced components. That includes a battery replacement and/or screen repair.