Winter wallpaper pack for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

Another “crispy” addition to the iDownloadBlog Wallpaper of the Week collection. “Crispy” both in sharp imagery and crisp in the cold, snowy, icy nature of the subject matter. Winter is my favorite time of year and stepping out into the crisp, cool air feels rejuvenating. I know we have readers south of the equator, but us northern hemisphere residents are gearing up for the colder months of the year. Crisp and chill your devices with this winter wallpaper pack.

Winter wallpaper pack

The overall subject matter here is snow. Nothing says winter more than soft, white, fallen snow in wintery locations like the mountains or atop an evergreen tree. The collection below is curated from Unsplash, which is a photographers free license repository.

Often, I crop these down for a specific device, like iPhone. However, many of the photographs have a beautiful sprawling landscape that you might want to position for yourself. Consequently, the following posted images are uncropped and large enough for any device, including your desktop. When setting on a smaller screen, like iPad or iPhone, you will be able to position the image to your liking, before setting it as a background. The final two images are portrait and best suited for iPhone.

Each original artist is linked to their download and I encourage you to visit their pages for more incredible photography.

Snow flakes falling at sunset wallpaper by Kacper Szczechla

Snowy Lake Eibsee wallpaper by Thomas Glas

Evergreen covered in snow wallpaper by Osman Rana

Bokeh snow wallpaper with evergreens by Jonathan Knepper

Evergreen forrest in Norway covered in snow and fog by Atle Mo

Yosemite Valley snow capped Half Dome wallpaper by Mathilda Khoo

Snowy forest wallpaper in black and white Passo Vezzena, Italy by Cristina Gottardi

Milky Way over a snowy stream iPhone wallpaper in Banff, Canada by Mark Basarab

Snow covered mountain top wallpaper in Berner Oberland, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland by Jon

If you love crispy wallpapers, then make sure to catch up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham, where I gather images for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery! If you have some great images, know where to find them, or just want to request a genre, reach out.