Apple Music app now available on LG smart TVs

As Apple continues to expand its services, availability is key. And reaching beyond the walled garden. As a result, some services like Apple Music –which just makes sense to be on as many products as possible– continues to expand. Here we are with LG smart TVs.

Today, the official Apple Music app is available for smart TVs branded by the Life’s Good crew’s logo. LG is promoting the new app’s availability beginning today on social media, as you might expect. With the app now available, this allows LG smart TV owners who are also Apple Music subscribers to stream millions of available songs.

And of course, the full range of content from Apple’s streaming music service is available via the app. That includes music videos and various playlists. The app also supports synced realtime lyrics for good measure. This means LG smart TV owners don’t need to have an Apple TV set-top box connected to their TV for all of this music listening.

The lingering question at this point is actual support. It’s a pretty safe bet that the most recent smart TVs from LG support the app. Any older models, though, remains to be seen. If you visit LG’s website there is an option to sign in to your LG account, which will show you if your registered/owned smart TV is supported.

In related news, the Apple Music app also recently rolled out to the PlayStation 5 console.