Apple Music is now available on Sony’s PlayStation 5

There have been hints popping up throughout the month of October. All pointing to a future where Apple Music exists on a video game console. And, sure enough, those hints have turned into a real product, as Apple’s app for accessing its streaming music service is now available on Sony’s latest video game console.

With the launch of Apple Music on Sony’s PlayStation 5 (via The Verge), the app is fully integrated with the console. This means it works in the same way that Spotify does: PlayStation 5 owners can launch the app to listen to music and that be the sole focus, or they can listen to music in the background while they play games, too.

The arrival of Apple Music on the PlayStation 5 occurs just a few months after Apple and Sony launched the Apple TV app for the console.

Apple Music is available now globally, where Apple Music is available, on the PlayStation 5. It’s a free installation. However, Apple Music is a paid service, with the $9.99 per month option for individuals and a $14.99 per month option for a family. Meanwhile, Apple Music’s “voice-only” plan will support one individual, with a few other tweaks to the plan, that costs only $4.99 per month. It launches sometime later this year.

The first hint of Apple Music’s launch on PlayStation 5 appeared in the middle of this month, when PlayStation 5 owners out in the world noticed Apple Music as a choice to play music — but one that could not be activated. And then, Apple itself actually hinted at the app’s future arrival on video game consoles as well.

Now we just need to wait for the app’s launch on Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, but no word on when –or if– that’s going to happen.

If you own a PlayStation 5, will you be using Apple Music on your console?