Safari Technology Preview brings smoother scrolling with 120Hz ProMotion support

Apple is implementing ProMotion technology in its own apps, starting with Safari Technology Preview which gained support for 120Hz scrolling on the latest MacBook Pro.

Illustration showing an Apple Safari logo set against a blue gradient background


  • Safari Technology Preview 135 adds support for ProMotion technology
  • Meaning, you’ll enjoy smooth scrolling in Safari on your MacBook Pro
  • Other Apple apps are yet to implement support for ProMotion
  • It’ll be a few weeks before this becomes available to all users

Apple is testing ProMotion support in Safari

While none of Apple’s stock apps currently support ProMotion, that’s starting to change now. For instance, version 135 of Safari Technology Preview — which is a special version of Safari for testing upcoming features — adds support for 120Hz scrolling.

You can download Safari Technology Preview from the Apple Developer website.

For those who already have it, use System Preferences → Software Update to update to the latest available version of the browser. Safari Technology Preview has its own settings and can easily co-exists with the regular, stable version of Safari on your system.

What is Apple ProMotion technology?

Apple debuted a dynamic refresh rate feature under the marketing name ProMotion with iPad Pro, and it’s since expanded to other devices like the iPhone 13 family and the new 2021 MacBook Pro models. With double the refresh rate up to 120Hz, ProMotion makes the user interface and scrolling experience much smoother.

Apps don’t get this feature automatically unless updated to support ProMotion screens.

Apple’s been somewhat slow to roll out software support for the feature in its own apps. Asa matter of fact, none of the stock apps that come preinstalled with macOS Monterey currently take advantage of the ProMotion refresh rates on the new MacBook Pro.

Whenever Apple introduces a new piece of software technology, the solution gets implemented into the company’s own apps first before appearing in third-party apps. While it’s a bit peculiar that Apple’s own apps aren’t ready for ProMotion yet, we have no doubt that Apple’s teams are working around the clock on that.

So when can you expect other Apple apps like Photos, PhotoBooth, Maps and others to support ProMotion? There answer to that question isn’t entirely clear because the upcoming macOS update that’s currently in testing doesn’t seem to include ProMotion updates. It shouldn’t be too long though. Read: AirDrop not working? Try these fixes!

Watch this space for new information as it becomes available.