Apple makes the Apple ID website faster to load and easier to navigate

Apple has revamped the Apple ID website design to provide quicker navigation with changes such as cards for various features and services, a cleaner look and other tweaks.

The login page on the Apple ID website
The landing page of the overhauled Apple ID website


  • Apple overhauls the Apple ID website with a minimal aesthetic and other changes
  • Feature cards make navigating various sections quicker than before
  • It’s also easier on the eyes and loads faster than before
  • The layout changes are now live on desktop and mobile

The Apple ID website has been revamped with a cleaner layout

The Apple ID website previously received a major makeover in October 2018 to become more visual and appealing. The changes included implementing header images giving the whole site a new coat of paint. It’s now time for another visual overhaul as the Apple ID website has started to look a little stale.

Thankfully, the updated design not only looks easy on the eyes but also makes the website load faster and easier to navigate. The main sections are the same as before, but the layout has changed. Instead of graphics-heavy pages that take time to load, the site adopts cards that visually bundle related features and services.

Visit the Apple ID website by pointing your browser to

The Sign-In and Security section on the Apple ID website
The Sign-In and Security section on the Apple ID website

After logging in with your Apple ID account credentials, you can access various features and services using lefthand navigation, including Sign-In and Security, Personal Information, Payment Methods, Family Sharing, Devices and Privacy.

  • Sign-In and Security: Settings related to signing in to your Apple ID account, including account recovery options, security settings, Sign In with Apple and more.
  • Personal Information: Update your personal information, including phone numbers and email addresses where you can be reached.
  • Payment Methods: Add, edit, remove and manage payment methods for media purchases and subscriptions.
  • Family Sharing: If you use the Family Sharing feature, visit this section to see details for each member of your Family Sharing group.
  • Devices: A visual list of all devices currently associated with your Apple ID account. It’s there where you can glean key details like Apple Pay status, serial number, phone number, IMEI and so forth.
  • Privacy: Manage information you choose to share with and receive from Apple.

When browsing the website on mobile, hit the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner to reveal site navigation on the lefthand side. Both desktop and mobile editions of the Apple ID website have the same minimal appearance and card-based design.

The Privacy section on the Apple ID website
The Privacy section on the Apple ID website

We think it’s safe to say that the wait was well worth it.

The redesigned pages look great on the desktop but the same design extends to mobile so you get a similar visual experience when running on smaller devices like your iPhone.