Alinea,, Reverse Meme Search, and other apps to check out this weekend


Welcome back to another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week our picks include a new type of investment app, a helpful assistant for forgetful folks, and a handy tool for meme-lovers. And as always, we’ve selected a grew new game for you to check out.

Alinea: Invest, Create, Share

Here’s an investment app with a twist. Alinea offers ‘playlists,’ allowing you to invest in groups of your favorite stocks. You can sort groups by category or by their climate impact, and set each stock’s percentage of your investment. You can even follow ‘playlists’ of other investors. Super cool!

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Have you ever had the sinking feeling you forgot to lock the door when you left home? Or maybe that you forgot to close the garage or windows? is here to help. Now there’s nothing fancy—you have to switch the toggles yourself—but I still see this being helpful to certain folks.

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Reverse Meme Search

Are you a meme fiend? All up in the meme scene? Will your next party have a meme theme? Ok you get the idea. Reverse Meme Search removes the text from a meme image so you can make and share your own. There are no ads or watermarks, and there’s an in-house community for discovery.

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Skip-Bo! The official solitaire-like card game has finally made its way to mobile. Now you already know they had to shove all the in-app purchase, freemium nonsense into this thing, but I just couldn’t not mention Skip-Bo. It’s Skip-Bo! Play against others or by yourself in the new puzzle mode.

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