iPhone SE 3 predicted to resemble iPhone XR with Touch ID built into a power button

Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE could resemble iPhone XR, which launched in 2018, and have Touch ID embedded into a power button. It could also be Apple’s last LCD-based handset as all of the other models the company currently sells use OLED panels.


  • A new rumor claims iPhone SE 3 will adopt iPhone XR-like fullscreen design
  • Touch ID is said to be built into a power button
  • This should be Apple’s last LCD-based handset
  • Beware, iDB places a low trust score on this rumor

A hand showing holding a red iPhone SE 2, set against an all-red background

iPhone SE 3 to sport an iPhone XR-like design?

Chinese site MyDrivers says that the next iPhone SE model will be released in spring 2022, filing as Apple’s last smartphone equipped with an LCD display. More interestingly, it would appear that the phone will resemble the contemporary iPhone XR design.

If the rumor pans out, the third-generation iPhone SE will also drop its massive chin and forehead in order to make room for the rumored fullscreen design. So that means bringing Face ID to iPhone SE, right? Well, the rumor claims Touch ID will be built into a power button like we saw with iPad Air 4 and iPad mini 6, so that means no.

It doesn’t rule out Face ID, but we’d be surprised to see Face ID on iPhone SE 3. That’s probably a more desirable outcome than you were hoping for because Touch ID proved its worth during the pandemic. Read: How to unlock your iPhone with your mask on

As a bonus, no Face ID means no notch on iPhone SE 3.

Aside from an updated design along with a relocated Touch ID button, the third-generation iPhone SE should also feature 5G cellular connectivity and a faster Apple chip.

What are the chances of this rumor proving accurate?

Very low, if you ask us. It’s a sketchy, poorly sourced story published by a site known for indiscriminately publishing all sorts of crazy rumors, which isn’t to say that MyDrivers hasn’t had its fair share of hits in the past. The story also contradicts an earlier rumor from Mac Otakara saying the next iPhone SE will be virtually indistinguishable from the current model because the design won’t change much at all.

Display analyst Ross Young was first to report in April 2021 that the next iPhone SE might retain a 4.7-inch LCD screen and release sometime in 2022.

Now, Mac Otakara is a far more reliable outlet than MyDrivers when it comes to reporting on Apple’s internal plans and unreleased products. On top of that, Ming-Chi Kuo, the most reliable Apple analyst out there, was first to predict that the design of the third-generation iPhone SE would be similar to the existing 4.7-inch iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 3 should replace the iPhone mini models that Apple is understood to be phasing out from its 2022 lineup due to poor sales and disappointing battery life.