iOS 15.1 makes it possible to disable Apple TV and Watch keyboard notifications again

It’s safe to say that the release of iOS 15 could have gone a bit better. It wasn’t the roughest iOS update to date, but it wasn’t the smoothest, either. From large annoyances to small ones, the new software had a few bumps in the road. Like, for instance, for Apple TV owners who cannot stop getting keyboard notifications on their iPhone.

For those of you who might not know, the Apple TV supports inputting text directly from a supported iOS device, like an iPhone. So, when you reach a text input field on the Apple TV, you can either use your Apple TV’s stock remote to input text, or pick up your iPhone, tap the notification, and then type away on your phone (or iPad). It’s a pretty handy feature.

However, for folks who might not want notifications turned on for this particular element, iOS 15 has been a bit of a sore spot. As we reported last week, Apple’s latest version of its popular mobile operating system does not allow users to disable those notifications. So, even if it happens infrequently, any time an Apple TV user navigates to a text field, they’ll receive a notification on their iPhone letting them know they can input text on their TV.

But! Change is in the air. As noted today by 9to5Mac, it turns out that the upcoming iOS 15.1 release –which Apple is beta testing– will bring back the ability to disable these notifications. This should help households with multiple Apple TV set-top boxes in place, and especially if kids are using the device to try and find something to watch. Or just anyone, really.

What’s more, the original report notes that iOS 15.1 users will be able to disable keyboard notifications from the Apple Watch as well:

In the latest iOS 15.1 beta, Apple has restored the settings allowing you to turn off Apple TV Keyboard and Apple Watch Keyboard notifications. To find these toggles, open the Settings app on your iPhone, choose “Notifications,” then look for the “Apple TV Keyboard” and “Apple Watch Keyboard” options.

iOS 15.1 wil be released to the public soon, but no exact release date has been given.