Artsy, Perform, Qwstrs and other apps to check out this weekend

It’s time for another episode of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we’ve got some great picks for you, including a powerful photo editor, a musical workout buddy and an AR viewer for you NFTs. We even have a game, that makes games! Check out the full roundup below.

Artsy Photo Editor

Looking to give your photos some pop? Check out Artsy. The app makes it easy to remove the background from your images, and add various effects, allowing you to create your own digital masterpieces.

Download for $3


Perform is a smart workout DJ that matches music dynamically to your training via heart rate, pace and more. It works with both Spotify and Apple Music, and it connects to HealthKit for real-time data.

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NFTs – View/Share Crypto NFTs

Don’t ask me to explain what an NFT is, but for those of you that have them, this app offers a cool way to show them off: in augmented reality. Think if it like a hologram wallet for you favorite NFT artwork.

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Qwstrs: non-linear games

Qwstrs is home to hundreds of quiz, detective and other non-linear games for you to play, and it also serves as a platform for you to create your own. It’s a little unpollished, but there’s enough here to entertain.

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