Spotify says it’s working on a fix for excessive battery drain in recent versions of iOS

While Apple Music appears to be a pretty popular service for the company, there’s no argument that Spotify is still the leader in the streaming music space. And there are plenty of iPhone customers that choose the service for their listening pleasure. Which means an issue with excessive battery drain on the most recent versions of iOS is not ideal.

And while that appears to be the case for many Spotify users with an iPhone, the company says it’s aware of the complaints and is now working on a fix. That’s according to a moderator on Spotify’s official forums (via¬†MacRumors). According to the individual, the feedback and information shared by Spotify customers experiencing the issue has been passed along to the necessary parties, and they are “actively working on the matter.”

The moderator adds that Spotify customers need to make sure they are on the most recent version of the app to make sure they get any implemented fixes as soon as they drop.

According to folks who have experienced the issue, Spotify is sapping battery life in a big way. Some users say that the app is draining upwards of 40% battery life in just an hour’s time. Others point out that it’s a consistent pull from the battery, especially as a background activity. Spotify doesn’t articulate in its forum post why this is happening, and obviously neither does the battery setting for iPhone.

The majority of individuals are using iOS 14.8 and iOS 15.0 with this problem cropping up. However, while the moderator notes it’s the more “recent versions of iOS,” some iPhone users are saying it’s happening on older versions of the mobile operating system as well.

There’s no timeline for when Spotify will issue a fix for this issue. So, if you’re a Spotify user just be aware of your handset’s battery and be careful of excessive heat as well. Some iPhone owners have said their phones are getting incredibly hot while using the app.

Have you run into this issue?