iOS 15: Twenty underrated features in Apple’s latest iPhone update

iOS 15 includes a handful of tentpole features, many quality of life improvements and a whole bunch of under-the-hood tweaks. In this hands-on video walkthrough, we take a closer look at twenty lesser-known or hidden iOS 15 features for your iPhone in Apple’s latest update.

An image showing a young male's hand holding an iPhone 13 with iOS 15 home screen

Video: Twenty hidden iOS 15 features

So this isn’t about the usual stuff in iOS 15,┬ásuch as the controversial changes in Safari, Live Text, the new systemwide translation capability and so forth. The video below from our videographer Harris Craycraft covers nearly three dozen underrated features, hidden features and features Apple didn’t talk about publicly at all. Read: Reverting Safari changes in iOS 15

The highlighted features are Harris’ personal favorites. You may not like some of his choices but that’s OK, to each his own. If there’s one thing to take away from this video: There are many features in iOS 15 that aren’t immediately obvious, and some of them are real gems.

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