Some iPhone 13 owners running into a problem getting Find My to work with new MagSafe wallet

Earlier this month, Apple began selling a brand new iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe. This accessory is a lot like the previous version of the leather wallet, except for one thing: Find My support. It’s built right into the wallet, making it possible to track it with the Find My app and network.

That is, unless it doesn’t work. Which a lot of iPhone 13 (and some iPhone 12) owners are experiencing right now (via MacRumors). That’s according to a long thread that’s been published on Reddit, with iPhone owners voicing their complaints regarding the brand new iPhone Leather Wallet. These customers say that, despite using MagSafe to hold the wallet to the back of the iPhone as instructed, the Find My feature is not activating as it should.

When it does work, the Find My-equipped wallet should simply connect with the Find My network automatically when it’s attached to the iPhone. Except for these iPhone owners, that’s not happening. It’s just not working.

As it stands right now, there are apparently a couple of different potential fixes. One works better than the other, but it’s not the easiest process. And should be completely unnecessary, considering this is just a wallet accessory.

However, some iPhone 13 owners have found a way to make the wallet work with the Find My network after it initially fails to do so. First, there’s the method of erasing network settings. (To do this, open the Settings app –> General –> Transfer or Reset iPhone –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings.) This has worked for some individuals — but not for some others.

From a Reddit post:

I had 3 calls with customer support and we were able to get it working for my iPhone 13 pro max. This is what worked: they told me to go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset > Erase > Erase Network Settings. The phone restarted, and after restarting and attaching the wallet to the back of my phone, the animation popped up and wallet is now in my Find My app!

The other method? Well, that would be to put the phone into DFU mode:

Got my own Wallets today and immediately had this issue with both my 13 Pro & Pro Max. Spoken to Apple tech, and followed what they said and it fixed it. Put the phones into DFU mode, and reinstall the OS and Firmware. Set the phone up again without doing any recovery. Once set back up, pop the wallet on and it’ll pop up after about 5 seconds, and let you pair to Find My. After that, if you need to, reset the phone on the device itself, and restore from back up in set up. Sorted 🙂

Not the easiest steps, especially not going into DFU mode. But, if it works, it works. Here’s hoping that now that Apple’s aware of it, they just fix whatever needs to be fixed on the backend to make this work for everyone right out of the gate.

If you have the new iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe and Find My, have you run into this issue?