Tests show the iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of charging up to 27W speeds

When it comes to charging, there are a few different options to go with. You could go with the wired choice, and then you can choose either slow, standard, or fast charging. Or you can go with the wireless charging route, and yet again slow or quick. But if you choose to go with the fastest, then it might be nice to know just how fast you can go.

Last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max was capable of charging up to a whopping 22W when wired. But it looks like Apple has decided to make a change for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Even if the company itself isn’t going out of its way, or even trying a little bit, to promote it.

According to tests made by the YouTube channel ChargerLAB (via MacRumors), Apple has designed the iPhone 13 Pro Max to be capable of charging up to 27W while physically connected to a 30W or higher USB-C power adapter. But there is a caveat. Heat.

Due to the fact Apple doesn’t want your phone to catch fire or explode, or melt or anything bad really, the iPhone 13 Pro Max won’t sustain those 27W charging speeds while charging. It can simply top out at that rate. But the good news for iPhone 13 Pro Max users is that it chargers a little bit faster than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It’s the little things in life, right?

You can check out the ChargerLAB testing process in the video up above. And it’s worth noting that it’s not known right not how the iPhone 13 Pro fares in comparison to last year’s iPhone 12 Pro. It’s possible Apple’s smaller Pro model can charge up to the same speeds, though.