Quick video tips: How to get started with, set up and use your iPhone 13 mini

Watch our hands-on video walkthrough showing you iPhone 13 mini tips to quickly set up, configure and use your phone, as well as discover hidden features and shortcuts.

Last year’s iPhone 12 mini squeezed 5G, a speedy chip, capable cameras, a crisp OLED display measuring 5.4 inches diagonally, Face ID and a slew of other cool features into a very pocketable device. Poor battery life is the only reason why the new mini hasn’t become as popular as the other models from the lineup.

Its successor, the new iPhone 13 mini, doesn’t have that problem.

An image showing a young male's hands holding a white iPhone 13 mini with the back featuring two cameras and an Apple logo shown to the viewer

All of the iPhone 13 models offer significantly longer battery life than their iPhone 12 counterparts from 2020. And with the iPhone 13 mini, in particular, you get a longer-lasting battery than not just last year’s iPhone 12 mini but also the full-sized iPhone 12. Folks who love the mini form factor and don’t have sausage fingers will definitely want to check out this phone.

Video: iPhone 13 mini tips, sleeper features and hidden shortcuts

Perhaps you’re in the market for the smallest new iPhone. Or maybe you’re ready to give the new iPhone 13 mini a try after learning about battery life improvements. So whether you’re new to the iPhone mini or are simply considering it as your daily driver, here are some videos tips from our videographer Harris Craycraft to get you up to speed.

The iPhone 13 mini is available in five distinct colors which apple calls Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight and (PRODUCT)RED. It’s available with 128GB/256GB/512GB of storage in exchange for $699/$799/$999 from Apple.com, authorized resellers, carriers and select retailers.

Fans of the iPhone mini form factor will be sad to learn that 2022’s iPhone lineup is rumored to drop the mini while adding a new entry-level model. Apparently, poor sales of 2020’s iPhone 12 mini and battery life issues have prompted Apple to ditch the model from the lineup.

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