Apple is giving retail employees up to $1,000 in a bonus this fall

The iPhone 13 lineup is about to launch to the public, which means that retail store employees at Apple’s physical shops are going to be very busy (which is not necessarily a new occurrence by any means). But, in addition to that, the holiday shopping season is also right around the corner. As a result, Apple’s decided to shell out some more money.

According to a report today fromĀ Bloomberg, Apple is going to dole out some big bonuses for retail employees this fall. It’s a rare move, but one that should be a welcomed one for those who will get the bonuses. According to the report, the highest payout will be at $1,000, for the employees who have been with the retail effort since March of this year.

If a retail employee was hired on after March 2021, they’ll still be getting a bonus, though. The publication states that employees that fall into that category will see a bonus this fall of $500. What’s more, online sales employees and AppleCare employees will be getting the bonuses as well.

Per the report:

The bonuses will be an unusual perk since Apple rarely gives companywide payouts. The last major one was $2,500 worth of restricted stock units in 2018. That bonus followed tax changes allowing Apple to bring back cash from offshore accounts at a lower cost. The new bonuses will be issued via cash in paychecks, rather than as stock units, the people said.

This is the busy season for retail across the board, so it’s good to see a company like Apple handing out bonuses that will hopefully help a lot of people.