Apple is going to mandate COVID-19 testing for employees working in offices, retail stores

Apple continues to evolve in regards to how it handles the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, especially as it relates to in-office work. The company has made it clear that, while it will endeavor to consider a hybrid work situation for many of its employees, it prefers being back in the office. So, one day.

Until then, it must face the reality of the situation. And while Apple keeps making some important changes, like mandating masks in its physical retail stores. However, the company has not yet mandated vaccinations. And this report doesn’t appear to suggest that’s on the horizon, either.

Still, the company is continuing to make changes. According to The Verge‘s Zoe Shiffer, Apple is implementing a mandate for COVID-19 testing for employees working in its offices and retail stores. The new policy will go into effect starting in October.

Again, still not mandating vaccines.

Testing will be making a change to how testing is handled, too. For folks who are vaccinated, there will be “infrequent testing.” Meanwhile, for those who identify as not vaccinated, they will be prompted to receive testing on a more regular basis.

Apple is asking employees to declare COVID-19 vaccination status moving forward. And the company is also asking its employees to get vaccinated, including large in-house campaigns to promote that idea.