Twitter launches Communities, an alternative to Facebook’s Groups

Twitter is on a bit of a tear right now, welcoming new features to the mix. Both in actual things users can take advantage of now, and testing what’s still coming down the pipe. And now there’s yet another to add to the list that’s ready to go now. As long as you get an invite.

Today, Twitter is welcoming its brand new Communities into the fold. Twitter has announced the new feature as an alternative to Facebook’s popular Groups. The social network says that the feature is invite-only for now, but that will be something that changes in the future. When that change will arrive, though, remains to be seen.

Communities are designed to give users a place to go where they can talk about a single topic. Just like Facebook’s Groups, the idea is to have a place to visit and talk with folks who are interested in the same things. This should avoid some of the toxicity that’s present on more general services, where just offering up an opinion out there in the wild can have . . . less-than-positive reactions.

However, Twitter Communities are still self-moderated. So keep that in mind. And, as mentioned above, they are invite-only for now. Communities can have an unlimited number of users. Twitter is also making it easy to pick and choose how a tweet is sent out, whether it’s viewable by everyone on Twitter or by those within a specific Community.

The tweet that is shared with a Community will appear in two ways: within the Community itself and within the Timeline of anyone that’s a member of that group. It’s also worth noting that while a Community is invite-only, that deals with participating in the Community. These are public outlets, so anyone can see what’s being published within a Community.

There are some Communities available right now, including options for skincare and, of course, dogs. Twitter says there will be new Communities created each week from this point on. Want to create a specific Community yourself? Apply directly on Twitter’s website.

Think you’ll be enjoying Twitter’s new Communities?