Revised MagSafe charger could launch with iPhone 13 this fall

Apple may release an updated MagSafe charger alongside the iPhone 13 this fall, though It is unclear what improvements will be implemented for the revised magnetic charger.


  • A revised MagSafe charger tested by the FCC
  • It should arrive when iPhone 13 goes on sale
  • Don’t expect increased power output though

magsafe attached to back of iPhone

Will the next MagSafe charge your iPhone faster?

It doesn’t look like Apple’s next MagSafe charging puck will deliver any faster charging for your iPhone than currently. According to an FCC filing from Apple, which was first spotted by Dave Katz on Twitter, the magnetic charger is being tested by the FFC for things like wireless interference and conformance to US standards before it goes on sale.

It’s unclear from the filing if this is the same MagSafe charger as the current model, save for minor internal revisions, or a true second-generation product. According to one rumor, the next MagSafe may use bigger charging coils to better manage heat dissipation.

AppleInsider explains:

It is unclear what updates Apple has made to the charger, as testing data does not reveal significant operational changes. Apple could be implementing minor internal changes or part swaps to boost power transmission and efficiency, though there is no evidence of such enhancements in the FCC filing.

We of course expect the next MagSafe charger(s) to be compatible with both the current iPhone 12 family and the upcoming iPhone 13 devices. As mentioned, don’t expect faster magnetic charging than what the current MagSafe chargers deliver.

As per this FCC filing, the output power on this thing is identical to the current MagSafe model.

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MagSafe first made an appearance on the iPhone 12 family, released in 2020. All of the models feature MagSafe support, enabling compatible accessories such as battery packs, cases, chargers and more to attach magnetically onto the handset’s back with automatic alignment.