Photure, Active Me, Sticker Doodle and other apps to check out this weekend

We’re back with another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup and boy do we have some great selections for you to check out. Perhaps the most exciting is Photure, which lets you turn a photo into a purchase-ready NFT with just a few taps. We also have a fitness tracker, a sticker maker and a fun game for Messages.

Photure – The NFT Camera

Now I’m not going to take the time here and try to explain what an NFT is, but if you’ve heard of them, you’re probably aware that they can be worth tens of millions of dollars. Photure makes it super simple to get in on the gold rush. Just open the app, capture a photo of…really whatever you want, and within a minute you can have your NFT available for purchase on the top marketplaces.

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Active Me – Track Your Health

“Come on Cody, aren’t there already a billion of these apps out there?” Why yes, yes there are. But Active Me integrates directly with the Health app for all of its metrics, so you shouldn’t have to manually enter a bunch of data, and it has a beautiful UI complete with charts, graphs and other useful at-a-glance info. I also like that it doesn’t feel like you are being roped into some IAP-driven “community” like MyFitnessPal and others.

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Sticker Doodle

This is another app where I know I’ve seen similar ones like it in the past, but it sticks out for one reason or another. In this case it might just be the initial shock of “oh hey, I can draw my own stickers!” At any rate, this seems like a great app to have in your Messages tool kit. Not only does it support drawings but it also supports Apple Pencil, photos and editing, and you can even export your stickers to Slack emoji files.

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Normally I don’t like doing two iMessage apps/games in one roundup, but to be honest I’ve been looking for an iMessage-friendly trivia game for a long time. I’ve obviously played the popular ones like HQ and Trivia Crack, but none of them (to my knowledge) allow you to challenge friends to a trivia showdown via the Messages app. Now this one isn’t perfect by any means—the UI leaves a lot to be desired. But if, like me, you’ve been looking for a 1v1 Messages trivia game, this falls in that category.

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