Bloomberg: Apple Watch Series 7 lacks blood pressure sensor, confirms production snags

Apple Watch Series 7 won’t have a blood-pressure sensor, Bloomberg claims, although that doesn’t mean that a future model won’t include it. Also, expect launch availability issues.


  • The next Apple Watch may not have blood-pressure monitoring
  • Bloomberg also warns of Apple Watch production snags
  • Production snags could lead to launch supply constraints

Apple Watch packaging

Will Apple Watch Series 7 monitor my blood pressure?

Bloomberg’s Gurman said “no chance” on Twitter in response to a recent Nikkei Asia story reporting that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 may feature blood pressure monitoring.

Basically, Nikkei claims that mass production of the device is behind schedule due to the “complexity of the design.” So far, so good. After all, reliable analysts and industry sources expect Apple Watch Series 7 to rock flat edges and have a bit larger display.

But the report then goes on to claim that “the next Apple Watch will come with new features such as blood pressure measurement.” And now Gurman is saying that there’s “no chance” for such a sensor to make an appearance, at leats not in Apple Watch Series 7.

That of course doesn’t mean that a future model won’t include blood-pressure monitoring.

Is Apple Watch Series 7 delayed?

Due to the rumored production snags, there’s a slight possibility that Apple Watch Series 7 may release later than expected. Nikkei and Bloomberg have both said that production of the device has been temporarily halted until Apple and its suppliers sort out the problems.

In fact, Bloomberg in its own story acknowledges Apple Watch Series 7 has hit last-minute production issues that could lead to delays, pinning the blame on new screen technology.

The new watches also have screen technology that brings that display closer to the cover glass using a different lamination technique, Bloomberg previously reported. That display layer may be causing some of the production woes, the person said.

With every new design come new manufacturing processes.

If Apple is indeed changing the watch’s case design and introducing new display technology, then its suppliers will need to use new equipment and tools, which temporarily increases the margin of error until new manufacturing processes are perfected.

Apple Watch Series 7: Display improvements

The Apple Watch Series 7 display is understood to feature skinnier bezels and, as a result of that, the device is expected to feature larger case sizes at 41mm and 45mm compared to the 40mm and 44mm case sizes in Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple WAtch Series 6 display

And as Gurman mentions, a new kind of lamination technique will permit Apple’s suppliers to bring the OLED panel of the device closer to the cover glass, eliminating the gap between the two. As a result, images will appear as if painted directly on glass.

When will Apple Watch Series 7 launch?

Apple is expected to unveil what’s next for iPhone and Apple Watch via a prerecorded press presentation streamed sometime in September, likely on September 14. After that, Apple is expected to start taking pre-orders ahead of retail availability later that month.

If the claimed manufacturing issues persist, Apple will have two basic choices at its disposal.

First, it could announce the device with the release date pushed back a bit. And second, it could launch the watch as if nothing happened. In that case, many would-be shoppers could have a tough time finding one when it lands on store shelves.

Our take: Expect supply constraints or shipment delays when Apple Watch Series 7 arrives.