The first beta of TestFlight for macOS launches to test beta versions of Mac apps

Apple’s TestFlight software is now available on macOS, allowing developers to test-drive beta versions of their Mac apps before they are released publicly.


  • TestFlight for macOS is now available as a beta to registered developers
  • TestFlight 3.2 beta requires macOS Monterey‌
  • The app is currently unavailable to non-developers

TestFlight logo set against a light blue gradient background

Beta-testing Mac apps with TestFlight for macOS

TestFlight, a software testing platform that Apple snapped up in February 2014, has now launched its first beta version on macOS. Previously, TestFlight was an iPhone app.

Developers can now use this software testing platform to test macOS apps on macOS Monterey beta 5. Apple is gathering feedback on TestFlight for Mac through the Feedback Assistant app in macOS Monterey.

From the app’s splash screen:

  • Accept Invites: Accept invites to beta programs and install the latest beta software
  • Test Beta Apps: Tests out the new functionality before it’s released in the App Store
  • Provide Feedback: Help developers build better apps by providing feedback and reporting bugs

It’s unclear when this beta could be used for beta-testing of macOS apps by regular beta testers because TestFlight for Mac is currently unavailable to non-developers.

From the official announcement on the Apple website:

When using this version of TestFlight on macOS Monterey beta 5 or earlier, you’ll need to quit the beta version of your native Mac app before updating it, as the system will not prompt you to quit before updating.

VoiceOver function isn’t fully functional in this version of TestFlight, Apple cautions.

Developers leverage TestFlight for beta testing of their apps. Typically, a user would sign up to test an unreleased app on a developer’s website. Clicking an invitation link in an email message would then add that person as a tester for the said app on TestFlight.

Registered developers can download TestFlight’s Mac beta from the Apple Developer website.